Hi there! My name is Craig Rymer, and I’ve been handy for what seems like forever.

I grew up disassembling and reassembling things, always intrigued with how they work, trying to make them better, or thinking of other uses for them. My dad did electro-mechanical maintenance work, and my maternal grandfather, a “Seabee” in WWII, did carpentry and construction on the side. Working with them allowed me opportunities to learn in directions which allow me to easily accomplish the projects you have for me. My many years of customer service, parenting, and non-profit work have helped develop my skills and disposition to patiently and clearly communicate the steps necessary to resolve whatever you need doing.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been helping friends and family with their projects, with deck building, electrical and plumbing issues and projects, and other. In 1998, I started using the “hand-e-man” rebus on my business card, taking my skills outside of my immediate circle. In 2005, I chose to become a licensed business in the state of Minnesota, purchased the “hand-e-man” domains. I carry liability insurance to cover my work, have never had a claim in the 10+ years I’ve been providing these services, and I am bonded.

When you contact me for work or advice, you are going to get me, not some agent, representative, or sub-contractor. I very rarely have anyone else work for or with me, preferring instead to be solely responsible for the outcome of the work I do for you. I pride myself in the relationships I’ve developed, and will develop, doing this work.  People usually call me back to do additional work for them, and pass my name along to others they know who seek a handyman.