“Craig has a magic wand, I think.  Or a magic eye.  All he has to do sometimes is look at a problem and it’s fixed.  His knowledge is so broad he can diagnose problems in a heartbeat that would take me an hour or more to figure out from a manual.  He’s helped me with plumbing, electric, machines, computers, painting, trash, gardening, furniture repairs and more — always so fast and efficiently it’s amazed me.  He’s always prompt, congenial, fairly priced, and level-headed.  Best of all, unlike my experience with other handymen I’ve used in the past, what Craig fixes stays fixed!  I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Carol (Mpls, MN) since May 2011

“I was referred to Craig by a co-worker about an issue I was having with my kitchen sink. He responded to my email promptly and called me with some information about how I may be able to resolve the issue by myself.

As it turned out, I needed him to fix the issue and when he came over we found out that the plumbing under the sink needed to be revamped. What should have been a 30 minute faucet replacement turned into a 2.5 hour project. Now I have a working sink! (He also fixed a couple of small items for me which he did not charge me for).

Craig was so helpful, courteous, and professional. He was also timely, trustworthy and talented and extremely reasonable in his pricing.

I would recommend Craig to anyone.”

Julie A. (Mpls, MN), since May 2011

“Jimmy Johns has nothing on Craig! I called Craig in the morning to take a look at my garbage disposal that wasn’t working and a leaky drain and by early afternoon everything was working great. I really appreciate Craig’s responsiveness and professionalism. I will definitely be calling him again.”

Paul from Coon Rapids, since May 2011

“Craig has been my “life saver” several times. He has quickly responded to several emergencies, including a broken window in the middle of winter, a clogged drain and goofy plumbing in my one bathroom, and a broken lock that prevented me from getting into my house. Craig makes repairs properly, doesn’t damage anything while he works, and cleans up after the repair.”

Julie T. (Mpls, MN) since November 2005

“Craig has been a pleasure to work with professionally. He understands our urgency and will do whatever he can to help us out with any project as soon as he can fit it into his schedule. For example we had learned that the vent to our bathroom did not “vent” properly outside. We didn’t have a high sense of urgency to fix it, as we had never experienced problems with it prior. One December day, we saw that there was water leakage on our ceiling. We called Craig and he came out to our house- in a snow storm- to climb up on our roof and fix the vent system. It was much appreciated and has stopped further water damage. Thanks Craig!”

Brett (Hopkins, MN) since December 2008

“Thank you so much for the great job you did on getting my dishwasher back in working order. The mouse inside did so much damage–I was happy to see that you not only fixed the problem, but cleaned out the inside of the machine as well. Your attention to detail was obvious! I would refer you readily to anyone who asks.”

Janet (Mpls, MN) about work done 11/2009

“We have hired Craig to do our household projects for the last five plus years. He’s done a number of plumbing and electrical projects including installing outside water access, installing a ceiling fan, a chandelier, and new electrical outlets. He’s also installed a new garage door opener and garage side door. When our dishwasher quit working and we decided not to replace it, we hired Craig to remove it and add and adjust some cabinets. He then cleverly re-used a piece of metal from the old dishwasher to fix a problem with a fascia section where some birds were nesting! We have been very satisfied with every project Craig has completed for us. He’s bailed us out of some emergencies (mostly self-inflicted!) and has responded promptly with our requests with routine projects.

Craig is professional and fun. He explains what he needs to do, will let you participate, and he works fast and efficiently. We trust and highly recommend him, and friends we’ve referred him to have thanked us for the recommendation.”

Cathy and Andrea (Mpls, MN) since 2006

“Craig has worked on a variety of projects in our house – issues with electrical outlets, extending the fence in our yard, a plumbing issue, installing a banister, and broken floorboards. Craig has done work at our house for over 5 years and his work holds up well over time. The cost has always been very competitive. Craig has been quick in responding (One evening water was coming out of the bottom of our sink and he actually came over and fixed it the night that I called!). Our house is over 100 years old and he is quite knowledgeable about the building and about understanding what past home owners have done to it. He is knowledgeable about options for reused materials and new materials, as per the homeowners wants. He is also creative in finding fixes that fit within our budget; a nifty, attractive fix for some broken floor boards comes to mind. We tend to be the kind of homeowners that I imagine are really annoying for service people – we ask a billion questions, want to understand how whatever it is works and so like to see the work being done. Craig has always been not only accommodating but encouraging and respectful in ensuring we are as involved and informed as we want to be with the project. I also feel equally sure that if you’re the type of home owner who wants Craig to show up and magically make the issue resolved while you do something else, Craig is your guy.
As a queer family its important to us to work with queer friendly businesses. Craig gets a gold star there. He’s completely trust worthy, I’d feel fine about leaving him alone in my house or referring him to work at my 76 year old mother’s home. We have and will continue to refer friends to Hand-e-Man.”

Abby and Erika, South Minneapolis, since 2006

“I can’t say enough good things about Craig the hand-e-man and his work. He is reliable, responsive, resourceful, and best of all his work product is excellent. From small jobs to big ones, Craig has been able to do it all. I’ve worked with Craig for almost 3 years and he is always able to find a way to work me into his schedule. Whenever I need something repaired or built, I think of Craig. He really is great at his work and a great guy…and he likes dogs even while working!”

Anne (Mpls, MN) since 2005