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Thanks for stopping in, checking this out. It’s not done, is a work in progress, and I’m hoping you will contribute your suggestions on how this site can be improved or adapted to better serve you!

On my “to do” list for the site:

  • A “references/testimonial” page.
  • Improved projects/pictures page: it works, but it’s a bit “dodgy” cuz you need to click on the drop downs, not on the “Project/Picture” link which leads to blank space.
  • A listing of all of the stuff I have experience doing, all of the things I can do.

So, what would you like to see here, what resource can I provide to you?  Smoke detector battery reminders? Gutter and downspout cleaning reminders?

Thanks for your patronage and support!


Hello world!

Being asked by 5 people within 5 days, “do you have ‘x’?”, with regard to starting a business is a sure sign that ‘x’ is something worth checking into, likely worth obtaining.

So, here is ‘x’, my website.

In the true spirit of, well, most everything I do, I’m doing it myself, getting help and resource, feedback from trusted friends and family, and working it to a “thing of beauty”.